An eventful start to our picnic at the park.


If you have read by blog before you will know I don’t go out very much and I don’t really know many of the parents at my daughter’s school, so when I was invited out with the other mums for a picnic, I thought It would be a great opportunity to get to know them a bit more.

One of the mums text me all the details, where and what time. I’m not great with park names and when I looked at the text I automatically thought we would be going to the park near our children’s school. The night before the picnic I made all the sandwiches and some pasta salad, I packed all the snacks and drinks and went to bed feeling prepared for the day ahead.

Picnic day had arrived, we were all up early, got dressed and ready to go, half past 10 came and we were out the door, giving us 30 minutes to walk to the park to meet the mums for 11am.


Photos taken from the first park.

We got there just after 11am. we were the only ones in the park, half an hour goes by and still no-one turned up. I text one of the mums and re-read the earlier message, only to realise we were at the wrong park!! The children were non the wiser and carried on playing but I couldn’t believe how stupid I’d been not read the message properly. I bundled Ella back into the pram, told the older two to grab their scooters, as we’re walking down the road I open Google maps find the nearest bus that will take us to the right park and rush to the bus stop. Finally we were heading in the right direction.

Well that’s what I thought…

Still following Google maps, we get off where it told us to, Heading in the direction of the park, Kira is now scooting as fast as she can because she knows she is getting closer to seeing her friends. Then I get a phone call from one of the mums to find out where we were, I tell her the road we we’re on and she gives me directions to the park, however she thought we were at the other end of this stupidly long road and gave me direction from that end, we take the first right and then the next left, follow that to the bottom but now Google maps is having a complete breakdown because I’m not sticking to the directions they are giving me and I realise we’re walking away from the park not towards it. Now I’m having a mini break down, I have three moaning children and no clue where I am! Panic started to set in and I was starting to think enough is enough, I give up.

I hate feeling lost, especially when the children are with me because I can’t physically show that I am lost and have no idea where I’m going because I don’t want to scare them. It was at this point that I declared to myself, I am going to get out more and explore the area I actually live in.

I decided to reboot Google maps and try again. Right breakdown over and were back on track. Turned around and started walking back towards the park. For some reason Google maps decided to take me to the park entrance furthest away from where I was. (I’m sure it was payback for not following their directions first time around) We ended up walking for what felt like ages and all the houses kinda looked the same. Still not 100% we were walking the right way, I stopped and asked a very nice man outside the local pub for directions and it turned out we were just round the corner from the east entrance! Yay!! Finally we got to the park. By this time the older children were already tired from walking round and round in circles, Ella had enough of being stuck in the pram and was trying to escape.

We were an hour and a half late and most of them had already eaten their picnic but never mind, we made it.

when Kira saw her friends, the mood had lifted and all three children were sitting down happily eating the picnic.

In the end it turned out to be a really good day, the kids had great fun playing with the other children and it was nice to sit down with the other mums and properly talk to them.


Photos taken from the second park.

Ella started to get tired around 3pm so I called it a day and pre-warned the older two they had five minutes left while I packed up the bag, then we were going home. All of a sudden it dawned on me. I actually had no idea how to get home!  The mums were lovely and gave me directions from the west entrance, where they had parked their cars. (It seems like I’m the only one around here that doesn’t drive)

So here we go again, following directions, we take a left and then a right. OMG! OMG! Right in front of me was the rear entrance to my sons new secondary school! How could I not know the park was so close to his school. If I had, i wouldn’t have got lost and had a mini breakdown, I would have known exactly where I was! Stupid Google maps had taken me way past the park and round on a bloody goose chase.

We made it home and all-in-all we had a good day, Now I know how to get to the new park I’ve promised the kids we will go there more often.

If you have ever had a disastrous start to your day, I would love to hear how you dealt with it and if you had a positive outcome.



Day out with nan.

(My Nan didn’t want to be in any other images but she approved of the one below. ha ha)
My Nan and me.

When I was a child I used to love going to my Nan’s house. It was always somewhere I knew we would be having fun. We would cook together, play all the traditional board games and have some really nice family time.



One of my best memories was getting up early on a saturday and getting ready to spend the whole day with my Nan, we would always have hotdogs for lunch and eat them in the garden and then head out to the local park. This particular park has a huge play area, it also has a large enclosure of animals. One side is filled with small birds and the other is filled with rabbits, ducks and other smaller animals. It was great fun feeding them.


Callum and Ella

This soon became a regular day out that we had with our Nan and it’s something I will always associate with spending time with her.

Years later, the amount of animals in the enclosure has reduced but the park has changed dramatically and is now twice as big. The tradition I used to share with my Nan has now become a tradition that we have continued with my three children and from what I see, they enjoy it just as much as I did.


Its great seeing my children and my Nan enjoying their time together. We very nearly lost my nan to breast cancer. She was so strong and determined to meet her new great-grandchildren (Ella and my niece) that she has made it through the fight and I cherish every day I get to spend with her.

It’s funny how scenarios can repeat themselves over time, My children always say ‘ Mum why do the hotdogs taste better at grandmas?’ I used to say the same thing to my mum and to this day I actually couldn’t tell you why but they just do.


Ella at the park

The park we go to is made from mainly a wooden frame with wires and bridges attaching them all. My children love the big circular swing because all three of them can fit on at the same time. Most of the equipment is better suited for the older children but Ella still loves to have a go at it all. It’s a great park for the children to boost their self esteem as there are many things to do there that are a bit more challenging than the traditional swing + slide type of park.


we will spend quite a while down the park as there is a huge grass area opposite so if the children have had enough in the park they can go and run around on the grass, play some games and see the animals.


We are all shattered by the end of the day but it’s so good go out and enjoy the day. I love having that connection with my Nan and love spending time with her. All the time my Nan still wants to and is able to come to the park with us, I am going to take as much advantage as I can.