Leg ulcer progress! (Images included)


Around two weeks ago my husband saw a video about an amazing product. It’s was an Aloe Vera emergency spray.

The man in the video had a wound on his foot, he sprayed the Aloe Vera on it every day, let it dry and then redressed the wound. The progress was amazing. After 16 days of using this spray the wound had healed!!

On a whim, my husband brought some from eBay. It cost £20 for a 500ml bottle. A week later it had arrived!

I had nothing to lose. I’ve tried pretty much all other dressings and treatments.

I get really nervous about trying new things on my leg. It makes me feel quite vulnerable because I just don’t know how it will affect me or if it will make my leg worse. I was quite sceptical about the whole thing to be honest. If this was the miracle spray it has been made out to be, why has no-one every mentioned it before!

Day 1. Take all the old dressings off, give it a really good clean. Spray a generous amount Aloe Vera emergency spray  onto the ulcer… Shit! It stung like hell and felt like it was burning! At this point I started panicking thinking ‘OMG! What have I done? I’m gonna make this worse than it already is.’

Within a minute the stinging and burning stopped and my whole leg started to relax. It was a strange feeling. I hadn’t realised the muscles in my leg were so tense, the sensation of my whole leg relaxing was very new to me but it was a positive feeling so I knew straight away the spray had at least one benefit.

I had to leave my ulcer open in the air for 10 minutes but keep spraying it if it dried out. After 10 minutes I redressed it with a simple dressing and put my compression stockings back on over the top.

Day 2. It had started to work in just one day. The ulcer had started to level itself out and was slowing coming back up to normal skin level. It had gone a yellow colour but that was my bodies reaction to the spray, it was getting rid of all the old skin to make way for fresh new skin.

Day 3. My ulcer was looking better and better each day. I felt like I could cry as I could actually see progress happening. Pain wise the stinging and burning were the same when I first sprayed it on but I was starting to get used to the pain as I knew it would be over in a minute.

Day 4. I actually couldn’t believe how much progress and improvement I was seeing. It was changing so much over the days and I seriously couldn’t believe it was down to something so simple as Aloe Vera emergency spray. Nearly all of the yellow (old) skin had gone and I could start to see fresh new skin underneath also around the edges of the ulcer there was fresh pale (BRAND NEW) skin forming so this meant the edges were coming in and the ulcer was starting to get smaller.

I am feeling really optimistic about this product now and I’m looking forward to see more progress as the days go along. I am really hoping that is the miracle I’ve been looking to find for so long. I have to admit that all my worrying at the start was for nothing and I’m glad that I took that leap of faith and tried it.

The picture below is the most recent picture. This is day 7. There is not as much improvement as the first four days but it’s still looking good. The red skin on the outer edge is the blood coming back to the surface of the skin. The skin around the edges are still improving and slowly the edges are creeping inwards. Nearly all of the yellow skin has gone, however I have done quite a lot of walking over the past 2 days and gravity is not my friend. Even though I’ve change the dressings every day the fluid that my leg produces for protection has gathered at the bottom of the dressing and the bottom corner of the ulcer got deeper again due being too wet.

I have ordered my next bottle of the emergency spray, I know it’s a bit expensive but if I keep getting as much progress as I have already I am willing to pay that price over and over.


Weekly leg ulcer update – Images of leg ulcer included.


Regular feature #3



This week I’ve had some ups and downs. Its been quite a rough week as the weather has been so hot in the UK. Its been really nice having the warmer weather but we are just not used to it. Throughout all this heat I’ve still had to wear both layers of stocking. The underliner with enclosed toes and the main compression stocking on top. one day in to the hot weather, my leg decided it didn’t like it and would show me by swelling up twice its size. After speaking to a nurse, she suggested that I use a simple tubi grip with open toes instead of the underliner and keep the compression over the top. This seemed to help, the swelling went down and I could actually wear my flip-flops again.

I took this picture to show someone what it looked like with the tubi grip on. Before all of this I used to workout every day and have some nice shape to my legs but now they just look awful. The muscle on my good leg is twice the size and the muscle on my bad leg has just wasted away. Where I now walk with a limp even my ankles roll inwards.



My legs with compression stocking on.

Now I have the tubi grip on it is less compression and it is actually a lot more comfortable as it’s not as tight. However now I have to change my dressings every few days.

Today is Wednesday, I changed my dressing on Monday and again tonight and I’m off to see the nurse on Friday.


Mondays leg dressing change.

These images were taken under different lighting at different times of the day. The top one was late at night under my living room lights, the seconds was taken earlier under natural light.

This is the picture I took on monday when I changed the dressing. This was the second day without the underlining. I know this is still a horrid sight but for me this is great, this is the best it has looked in a long time. All of the red parts in and aroundthe edge of the ulcer is new skin growing.


Wednesdays leg dressing change.

This is a picture of what it looks like tonight, fourth day without the underlining, I was really hoping to see great results and more improvement but it seems to have back tracked a bit. The build up of yellow is dead skin cells, so all that new skin has now gone. The skin around the edges are not as bright red as monday which means they have stopped producing new skin cells. I am in more pain tonight as well, normally the more intense pain from putting fresh dressing on goes away after about an hour with extra painkillers but tonight i’ve had all my painkillers and the intense pain is still there.

I’m at a loss of what I should be doing and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve tried nearly all dressings, I’ve been in 3 and 4 layer bandaging, I’ve been in the stocking with and without the underlining. one minute I can see really good results and then the next it backtracks.

I would love to go and see a private professional but they are just so expensive, we just can not afford it and we have been told that with some companies, you get better treatment from the NHS.

Update on my leg ulcer.


This week has been half-term for my children and we have been quite active for change. Normally with my leg being bad and having the three layer bandage system on we would usually have 1 day out and spend most of our time doing activities at home. However now I have the much thinner compression stocking on I am able to get out more and actually wear proper shoes!

It has been great being able to more with my children and slowly getting back to the mum I used to be. we have been to a splash/water park. we have been for a picnic at our local park and I’ve even ventured out of the bus to see my nan.


As great as all this has been, I have been paying for my adventures. I have been in a lot more pain, which in turn involves taking more medication ( I swear I’m going to rattle soon with the amount of tablets I take) and a few times at night I have had to take some morphine to help with the pain, I’ve also not been sleeping very well as when the painkillers wear off during the night, the pain wakes me up at stupid ‘O’clock in the morning.

Walking is good for my leg as it gets the blood pumping properly and help push the fluid back up my leg but I think I may have over done it a bit this week. The extensor tendinitis, which is the tendon that run along the top of my foot, has returned and my foot feels like its on fire most of the time. Also the more active I am the more the ulcer seems to weep and leak through the padding, the padding then gets stuck to the outside of my ulcer and as I walk it pulls at the skin and causes pain.


However all this being said I was expecting the ulcer to have back tracked a little but when I changed the dressing last night I was pleasantly surprised. The ulcer didn’t look too bad, it was quite inflamed around the edges where the dressing had been pulling and it had gone a bit sloughy. ( which means that the top layer of skin had been damaged) On the up side It was a bit shallower and closer to getting back to normal skin level.

The time I’ve spent with my children, seeing them happy and gain some independence back completely out ways the bad stuff and it was all totally worth it!

If you would like to see the latest picture of my leg ulcer, please leave me a comment below. Thank you everyone that has shown an interest in my leg. It has taken me a long time to mentally and physically get to this point. x x