I don’t want to be in pain any more! 



In the dictionary pain is defined as….

PAIN (Noun)

Highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury.


Pain is so much more personal than that. People feel pain in so many different ways and for so many different reasons.

If you follow my blog you will know why I am in pain but I haven’t really explained the pain on it own.

I have previously  written a post about my painful morning routine. If you haven’t read it you can find it here. Within that post it tells you what I do in the mornings and what tablets I take, I briefly talk about the pain but not in very much depth. So here goes starting from my mornings which is when I’m in most pain.

The pain that runs through my body every morning is so intense that sometimes I wish the surgeons would cut my leg off! I hate going to bed at night because I know the pain that is coming the next morning.

From the moment my eyes open I feel the pain, it hurts the most when I have to get up and walk. Over night my tendons seize up and I have to physically move my foot to loosen them up, doing this sends shooting pain through my leg. When I first had to do this it would make me instantly cry but I have got used to it now and no longer start my day off by crying. wp-image-450396541

During the day I go through different stages of pain. I get burning pain which feels like someone is holding a match on my leg. I get pricking pain which feels like someone has a safety-pin and is stabbing me over and over again. I get a cramp like feeling 3/4 times a day and pins and needles to go with it.  My leg muscles ache 90% of the time. and I get throbbing pain that comes and goes like waves.

Suffering with chronic pain not only affects me physically it affects me mentally. Dealing with pain on a permanent bases is a very lonely place to be, it separates me from the rest of my family, It beats me down and makes me mentally weak. At first it makes me feel upset and wallow in self-pity, then I’m angry and after that I feel motivated to get something done to heal, to stop the pain but when that fails the depression starts to creep in. I have been through this emotional cycle so many times in the last 3 years that I’ve learnt to just accept how I’m feeling and to just ride it out.

Being in chronic pain means I have to take numerous medications that I know are effecting my health and my body but without them I can’t function. They put my kidneys at risk because they have to work harder to clear all the toxins from my body. I have to take extra tablets to make sure I don’t suffer stomach ulcers from the medication.wp-image-1928569943

Being in pain stops me doing so many things as a mum and the things I can do make me so tired because I have to fight the pain at the same time. A simple walk to the park can cause me so much pain the next day because I’ve overworked my tendons. Just trying to keep on top of my housework takes me nearly all day and completely tires me out. Being in pain is exhausting because no matter what I’m doing its always there eating away at me.

When I go to bed at night, I would love to crawl under the duvet and drift peacefully off to sleep but that doesn’t happen either, I have to take painkillers just so I can lay flat without having any throbbing pain through my muscles as they are trying to relax. It takes me what feels like forever to fall asleep because I end the day feeling stressed out and worrying about what the next day will bring.

I don’t want to be in pain anymore, I’ve severed my time, I’m shattered and I just want a break. I don’t want to keep pumping my system with all these medications, I want to get back to my old self, I want to be happy again, I want the doctors to find some miracle dressings and miracle cure that can help me heal and make it all go away!


Staying happy as a Stay-at-home-mum.


Being a mum is hard work, there is always something or someone who is demanding your attention. Some people think SAHMs have it easy, they can do what ever they want, stay in their pj’s all day however it’s not surprising that SAHMs are a large categorise for many depression polls.

After the novelty of becoming a SAHM has worn off, it can all start getting very tiring and boring, most days you will have a needy, sometimes non-verbal bundle of energy running around wanting your attention and because you are at home the housework seems to pile up as well.

Below are some tips that have helped me as a SAHM.



Staying in your pajamas all day may be great at first but it can start to make you feel frumpy and lethargic. Getting dressed can give you that little boost of energy to help you through the morning.


Having a daily routines or schedules can really help your day stay on track, Both you and your child will start to remember what you do at certain times, for example at 10am you have a snack, at 11.30am your child goes down for a nap.


When you are at home all day you make mess, dishes build up, toys are everywhere but it would be a shame to waste away the day doing housework. It will still be there after you have been to the park of sat and played games with your toddler for a while.


Some times getting a little fresh air can really boost your mood. You don’t have to go anywhere special just a little walk down to your local shop can be enough to shift any bad mood. This also has the same effect on your child if they are having a bad day.


Becoming a parent gives you full permission to find your inner child and let it out. Most children love it when their mum sits on the floor and plays games with them. This is a great time to show and improve your happiness because for a while you can forget all about you adult worries and focus on your child.


Everyone has a different parenting style. Some people like to be out and about all day, some people like to stay at home playing with toys and puzzles and some like to be creative with arts and crafts. Find out what mummy style makes you happy and it will help you get through the day a lot easier.


I personally think you can not spend all your time with you child/children without getting frazzled at some point. You can not run on an empty tank so taking time out away from your child to relax and refuel is a great way to stay happy.


Before having children you had all the time in the world with your partner but now it has all changed. Having children can take over your whole life and your partner can feel a bit pushed into the background. Spending some quality time with your partner can be a great way to keep a relationship strong. Some thing simple like one night a week you get a babysitter and go out for a meal or go to see a film.


This is a hard one for me, I don’t like to think I am burdening anyone by asking them to look after my children however we all need a break at some point and I’m sure that you have a family member or friend more than happy to help you. Maybe you need to do some shopping and taking the kids is just to hard or maybe you really need to catch up on an hour or two of sleep because you feel exhausted, all you have to is ask.

I really hope at least one of these tips will help you. If you have tried everything and you are still unhappy and feeling down please GO AND SEE YOUR DOCTOR. They are there to help you and can guide you on the road to feeling happy again.


I feel like I don’t fit in.



We have been living in our new house now for two years. It’s a great house and I love it and I love the area we live in.

My children have come on leaps and bounds since they have been at their new schools and they have made some great new friends.

I don’t do the school run very often, my husband does that because it’s just too far for me to walk on a regular basis and I don’t drive. He is very black & white, you either like him or you don’t. He’s not worried what other people think of him, he will quite happily sit on his own in the school playground and think nothing of it. It doesn’t matter to him that he hardly knows anyone around him, he keeps himself to himself and he’s happy with that. Don’t get me wrong, he is friendly person and he will speak to people but he won’t go out of his way to make friends and start conversation with people.

I am completely different, I am a people person, I like to talk to people and make friends. I like to go into the school play ground and not feel awkward standing there on my own.

I’m Grateful that the hubby does the school run because I know I would struggle doing it everyday but sometime I’m envious of him because if he wanted to he could get to know all the parents and make friends.

School runs he will do, Childrens parties on the other hand are a completely different matter. He has always left that down to me, he can’t handle all the noise and screaming. I don’t mind at all going to the parties, I love seeing the children playing with their friends and having fun. The parties and the odd occasion that I can do the school run are the only times I can really talk to the other parents and try to get to know them.

Some of them know about my leg and the ones that do look at me with sympathy and just ask if I’m OK or how my leg is. Other parents don’t even realise i’m Kiras mum and their child plays with mine.

At the parties I try to make conversation with the other parents but it doesn’t last long, I’m a bit younger than them and I feel like I just don’t fit in. They are all lovely and really friendly. They all have very good professional jobs, they go on holiday 2-3 times a year, they go on group spa days. They can give their children opportunities and experiences I could only wish to give my children. Most of the time I sit there just listening and not really getting involved in many of the conversations. I feel a bit out of my depth.

It’s funny how you can be surrounded by people and feel really lonely at the same time. Before we moved I had a good circle of friends, the conversations was easy and I knew if I ever had a problem or just needed a chat, I could go to any of them. It was easy to be myself around them, I didn’t put pressure on myself or feel the need that to make a huge effort to fit in with them.

It is nothing to do with the other parents really. I’m pleased for them that they can do all of these things and they work dame hard to get where they are, I’m just envious of them.

I know these insecurities have come from me over thinking things and worrying too much about what people think of me. The ladies are all stunning and dress stylish and the men are gentlemen and dress smartly. I’m not very good at the whole hair and make up ‘stuff’ and we can’t afford to go out and get all the latest fashionable clothes, so I worry about the way I look to everyone. Do I look scruffy? Is my hair a mess? I hardly ever wear make up because I make myself look worse with it on.

I think if I were able to do the school run and get to know people around me then maybe I wouldn’t be so harsh on myself but for now I just can’t do it. Sometimes when I’m stood in the playground or at parties on my own and I look around and see the parents in their little groups, I feel maybe I’m not good enough, I wish I had stayed in the old house, being around the people I know, the people I called my friends.