Where I’ve been – Life update.

I last posted back in August 2019, I didn’t realise it had been so long. A lot has changed since then.


I am now seeing a new dermatologist (Skin specialist) that has started to do wonders for my immune condition and my leg ulcer.

[ Quick recap – I’ve had a large leg ulcer for 5 years, which the drs couldn’t heal and only October last year they finally found out I have an autoimmune condition where my body attacks its self and there is no cure for it. ]

The new dermatologist has put me on new medication and sending me for regular blood test also over the past 4/5 months I have been on a pain medication reduction and I am now very close to coming completely off of my pain medication. It’s been really hard and painful but I am feeling better for it.

My Life in general

Back last year I had a big, big dip in my depression, I was on a downward spiral and didn’t know how to get out of it. I pretty much gave up on everything apart from my children, they were the only thing keeping me going and then 1 day I failed at that as well, I had lost a ton of weignt because my condition had attacked my teeth and it hurt everytime i ate, I wasn’t sleeping and my anxiety was getting worse and worse. This, mixed with problems with my medication, broke up my relationship with my husband. At the time I still needed his help, we have 3 children and I couldn’t look after them on my own. We decided it would be best for both of us to live in the same house, I started sleeping downstairs and made the dinning room into my new bedroom. This worked for a few months however the arguments carried on and it really wasn’t fair on the children.

With help from my mother-in-law we managed to sort out eveything that was needed for me to be able to move out. I moved back to my mums house with my eldest son.

It broke my heart that medical reasons stopped me taking my younger two girls with me!

My girls are only 9 and 4 years old and I am unable to get them to school everyday and would struggle because of my medical condition. It completely ripped me apart when I had to leave them with their dad but I knew it would be the best thing for them.

I still get to see them, they come to me straight after school on a friday and their dad picks them up monday morning to take them to school. Its been 4 weeks now and I cry every time after they leave.

Moving on

I am still on talking terms with my ex and we talk better now than ever did before. I am on the road to recovery with my depression and starting to feel more like myself again.

I am now on a journey to get back to my old self and then push myself even further, I want to get my life back on track and make my life better than it has ever been before. I want to show my children that even if you hit rock bottom, there are people out there to help you and you can get back to being the best version of yourself and live a life that you love.

I am going to be taking you with me and sharing some of the things i’ve learnt along the way.

I would really appreciate anyone that has been in a situation like this or anyone that has pushed themselves to make their lives better to leave a comment or just say hi!

Lesley xx



Horizon play centre review

‘Mum, mum, mum I’m bored’   ‘Mum we want to go out’

Please tell me I am not the only parent to have heard this through the summer break!

I decided enough was enough and promised the kids we would go out the next day. I wasn’t sure where or what we were going to do but we were going out!

The next day.

GREAT!! Just what I need, we had woken up to a grey windy day and for forecast said it was due to rain later in the day! What do I do now? I had made a promise and I always keep my promises. I had to find an indoor activity that would suit both girls. 1 is aged 8 and the other is aged 4.

So after doing a little searching on the internet I landed at Horizons oceans of play website. It was an ideal place for us to go. The play centre is situated inside the Horizon leisure centre in Havant.

Horizon oceans of play

To be 100% honest, this was not the first time we had been to the horizon play centre, we have been a few times before. When i’m having a bad day with my leg and the kids are driving me mad, this is a great place to bring them to run off all their energy. They also have a seating area where I can catch up on some blog work or even read a few chapters of a book.


It’s a huge indoor play area, it also has a smaller toddler area and there is even a cafe upstairs to grab something to eat after you play. Also as long as it’s in a take away cup you are allowed to take hot drinks down into the seating area.


When you arrived at Horizons leisure centre, you are greeted by the reception desk , where they will tell you to go through the double doors to you right and then follow the flippers…..flippers?? yep flippers! They have flipper stickers on the floor for you to follow that will take you straight to the reception of the play centre.

Pricing for the play centre i found is really reasonable and they also have a loyalty card system, where you collect stamps every time you go and when you have collected a certain amount you get a play session free. we chose the play & eat option and decided to go for something to eat after the girls had finished playing.

Before you enter the play area the children are given a coloured wrist 20190807_152214.jpgband which represents the amount of time they have to play. My girls were given pink wrist bands which they loved.

Pretty much as soon as we got through the door, the girls had their shoes off and had run off to play, I found myself a comfy spot in the middle of the seating area to make sure the girls could find me. After a while I went up to the cafe to grab a coffee, the only down fall was, as I was on my own I had to pull the girls out the play area and carry all the bags up with me.

When we came to the play area for the first time a few years ago, they had a hot drinks machine down in the seating area, which made it so much easier to get yourself a hot drink without having to drag everything and everyone with you. In my opinion as a parent , it would be really nice to have the hot drinks machine back downstairs.

It was really nice to see the kids have the freedom to run around and enjoy the space. It was nice to watch them actually being children.

Screenshot_20190827-173231_PDF Reader.jpg

After about 45 Minutes of playing the girls came back to me and wanted to get something to eat, so we headed upstairs to the cafe. They had the choice of a hot meal or a cold meal and they went for the hot meal.

Both of the girls chose to have a hot meal. I think the way the children get to pick their hot meals are really good because every child is different and likes different things. The girls decided on chicken nuggets, mash and peas. The food came out looking lovely. The girls enjoyed it and cleared their plaits.


The lady in the cafe mentioned that the girls might have some time left to play and we should go back down and ask, well the girls were happy when we found out we still had 15 Minutes left, so off they went to play, however after around 10 Minutes the girls came and said they were starting to feel tired so we decided to call it a day and head home.

Overall the girls had a really good time and it was the ideal place for me as I could rest my leg while the kids still had fun. We will definitely be going back again and i would recommend it to anyone who has children.

Let me know if you have been to Horizons world of water and what you thought about the place. They also have a play centre in waterlooville called WORLD OF PLAY You can leave me a comment below or find me on Instagram or Facebook xx

Our Summer holiday plan

My children are so excited to be on summer break, they love having the freedom of not setting alarms and not having to put a uniform on everyday. They love having the freedom to do whatever they want to. HOWEVER…

…That will only last for the first week of the holiday and then they will start to get bored. This is when all the arguing and fighting will start and everyone turns miserable. I learnt the hard way last year and didn’t have anything planned and thought we would just go with the flow.  This year is going to be different, this year I have a plan!

Pinterest to the rescue!

I love scrolling through pinterest to find ideas, personally it’s my go-to place. so obviously this was the first place i went to for summer holiday ideas. I came across a post where someone had come up with the idea of making each day of the week have a certain activity subject and I thought this was a great idea.

Image source: Pinterest

We had to change ours around a bit due to other commitments so this is what we choose.

  • Make it Monday
  • Time to read Tuesday
  • What’s cooking Wednesday
  • Take a trip Thursday
  • Fab fun day Friday
  • Staying in Saturday

The children helped me pick these and were coming up with some great ideas but i noticed the same type of ideas coming up e.g draw a picture, paint a picture, collage picture but the kids didn’t know what they would draw or paint which gave me an idea…

How about having a different theme each week to base our daily activities around.

Again the kids really liked it (not so much my eldest boy, he let the girls choose as he will be out most of the time) This is what they choose…

Week 1: Fairies

Week 2: Under the sea

Week 3: Beach

Week 4: Flowers

Week 6: zoo animals

Within a day we had picked our daily activities and picked our weekly themes, all that was left was to come up with activities for the certain day and put it all together.

This was the finished product.


It was really fun working on this together with the kids and they had some really good ideas.

Do you make/have any summer plans? Are you planning a vacation? I would love to hear your plans.

You can always reach me via here or you can find me on social media (mainly Instagram)

Instagram: cleaning_mumma_of_3 (aka limping mum_)

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Parenting with a chronic illness

Parenting is hard, even when you don’t have a chronic illness. There are many ups and downs when it comes to parenting. It is very much a learning curve and with every child you have the curve gets bigger as there are many more things you will learn.

When you have a chronic (long term)  illness, it restricts what you can and can’t do. It’s hard living with a chronic illness because you have to relearn new ways of doing most things so you are not causing yourself more pain, add in trying to parent as well then things become 100 times harder. With my leg being so unpredictable I never know what type of day i’m going to have until I wake up.

Some days are good, some days are bad.

When you are parenting with a chronic illness you have to find new ways to do certain things that will make your life easier. They are silly little things like making breakfast, doing the childrens hair, cooking dinner. There are also things that you just can’t do any more, for me that is making everyone a lovely cooked breakfast. I just can’t stand for long enough in the mornings to cook everything.

Mornings are my worst time of day!

I have to wake up at least half an hour earlier than the children , just so I can take all my medication, that way I can do a bit more to help the children while my tablets are starting to work and are at their strongest. I am always in the most pain in the morning, sometimes I can hardly walk and need to use crutches. Once all my tablets have kicked in and I start to feel like a slightly normal parent again, things start to get easier.

Copy of Parenting with a chronic illness

These are the things I have changed to help me have an easier daily life.

Make changes around my home.

To make things slightly easier for myself and easier for the children I have had to sort a few things out around the house so the children can be more independent and don’t need me to do everything for them. I have moved the kitchen cupboards around so the children have their own cupboard where they can get their own breakfast cereal, their own snacks and also their own cups and bottles. The older two are always good at helping the youngest with making her drinks and getting a snack. I’ve had a bar stool put in the kitchen so I can sit down when I’m cooking.

I’ve had our old sofa put into the conservatory and extra benches placed around the garden so I can sit either inside or outside to watch the children playing in the garden. On a good day I can play with them but I need to take little breaks inbetween games but on a bad day I can only sit and watch them but we have some really good conversations while they are playing.

Write everything down.

I have to write everything down or I will forget things, I have pads of paper everywhere, Even the simplest things like get a loaf of bread out the freezer. I have a daily checklist of the jobs I need to do or I would miss something out. Especially the date of things like appointments and places we need to be. When the children tell me something that is important to them I make sure to write it down, so I can still be involved in their lives..

My brain is like a fog, when I am told something it goes into the fog never to be seen or heard of again. haha! so I need to make sure everything is written down before it gets lost.

Plan, plan, plan

When I know I have to go out for an appointment or I want to take the kids out I have to make sure I plan everything about it. when i want to go out I have to write out a plan of action at least a few days before I’m due to go  and make sure I know the plan really well so everything goes smoothly. If I don’t have a plan of action my anxiety starts play up and when I am anxious and stressed my illness starts playing up and then the pain kicks in stronger and ends up ruining the day.

Daily routines

Moving on from writing everything down and planning, I like to have a daily routine that we all follow. The older children have their morning routine, that they come up with themselves and the mini munchkin has a vision board for her daily routine but I find if I have a written daily routine it helps to calm my anxiety during the day as I know what everyone is doing around me.

Having these daily routine set in place also help with the childrens behaviour, they know what’s coming next so they don’t have to keep asking a million questions like what do i do now? or when you doing dinner?  It’s all there written down for them to go a look at to see what they need to do after school.

Focus on what I can do and not what I can’t do

It took me a long time to accept my life had changed and I can’t do all the things I used to be able to do. For quite a while my depression was really bad because I would dwell on all the things I was missing out on and getting upset over the things I could no longer do things with the children e.g. swimming, taking them to school. Once I had accepted my life was never going to be the same again, thing became a lot easier and I started to look for the things that I could still do. Things like having a picnic at the park, playing games at home, baking cakes with the children… I didn’t actually realise there were so many things I could still do with my children until I wrote them all down in a list.

Ask for help when I need it!

This was the toughest thing for me to learn. I have always been an independent person and like to do everything for myself. However now I have this chronic illness I needed to learn how to back down and ask for help. At first it was really hard and I had to learn the hard way. I tried to live my life the same as I had before and it completely burnt me out and I suffered so much with the pain afterwards.

I don’t think you would find many parents around that would say parenting is always easy and I definitely know you would not find a parent with a chronic illness say parenting is easy. I still had some independence with my daily life but accepting I need help and actually letting people help me has been one of the best things I’ve done since having this chronic illness.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.

If you have any tips or ideas of how to make life easier then please leave me a message below or you can find me mostly on Instagram.

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Bringing back the 20-Minute Dash

Have you heard of the craze on YouTube called ‘The power hour’?

This is what I’ve based the 20-Minute dash on. The power hour is where you make a list of jobs you think you can get done in that hour, turn off all distractions such as TV  and put you phone to the side. Set a timer and off you go.

Now with my leg being bad, there is no way I can rush around for an hour non stop, I would be in agony for the next few days after but I thought the idea was great and decided to modify it a bit. so the rules of my 20-Minute Dash are…….

  • Pick 1 room to work in.
  • Write a list of the jobs you want to get done.
  • Take a before picture of that room
  • Set your timer
  • Tidy first then clean
  • GO,GO,GO!
  • Work until either the timer goes off or you have completed your list
  • Take an after picture and have the satisfaction of ticking things off your list.

(If you have time left at the end you could add any other jobs onto the list to fit in that 20 Minutes but that’s optional)

The pictures above are from the last 20-minute dash I did back in January. I haven’t done once since then as I had a really bad stage with my leg where the ulcers started to get bigger and eventually joined up together, I was back on my crutches due to another bout of tendonitis, I also was going through a really rough time with my mental health so housework kinda took a back seat, I was just doing the little jobs that kept the house ticking over and even then I struggled.

Now I am feeling 100% better and starting to get everything back on track I think, bringing back the 20-minute dash is really going to help me. Last year even the kids enjoyed getting involved as well, they thought it was great working against the clock.


Even though it’s only 20 minutes, you will surprised at what you can get done and for me it really lifts my mood when I see the final look of the room and I can prove to myself that even though I have a disability I can still get things done. I also find that after I have done a 20-Minute dash I have the motivation to carry on with the housework.

It would be great if you had a go at the 20-minute dash and let me know how you got on and tag me in any pictures you take. You can find me mostly on Instagram but also on Facebook and Twitter.

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Social media: You only see what people want you to see!


It’s so easy to get caught up with what you see on social media. One of the social platforms that causes people to second guess themselves or think that they are not enough is Instagram.

Social media is a great place to get ideas and connect with people but also it’s a place that can make you feel bad about yourself and play with your emotions.

On Instagram there are some amazing images of peoples homes and their lives. There is such a variety of different subjects you can search for and some of the images look like that are from show homes or have been professionally staged. Don’t get me wrong I love looking through all these images and seeing all the amazing things people do with their homes and lives but for a normal ‘average Joe’ like me sometimes looking at these images and then looking around my own home can make me feel like I’m not good enough, like my home should be like the images I see on there. Everyone’s lives are different, some of the accounts I follow don’t have children or animals or they have older children.

Social media

Facebook is another big social media platform that can get people caught up how they think they should or shouldn’t be living their lives. On Facebook people tend to post how great their life is, how much fun they are having, all the different places they are going and again for me, living with a disability and not being able to get out very much, it makes me very envious of them and makes me miss my previous life before I was ill even more!

Images and post on social media are just pictures and words, You will only see what people want you to see not always their real life.

However you have to remember,  these images and post are only what people want you to see. For example on Instagram, they may have just spend half an hour getting one side of their living room ‘Insta worthy’ for that perfect image but the other half is just a messy as mine and yours or even worse because they have just thrown everything they didn’t want in the image over to that side of the room. Also these post you see on Facebook of ‘How great’ someones life is, are just that a post. You cannot be certain that actually their life is going that great! They show you a snippet part of their lives but the rest of their day/ week might be going crap but they aren’t going to share that with you, they are only going to show you what they want you to see.


I have been known to be on my feet all day (not a good thing when you have leg ulcers) trying to get my home decluttered and as tidy as the images I’ve seen on Instagram. I am shattered by the end of the day, however with three children, four dogs and an adult child, my home never stays tidy for long any way! Some times I sit down at the end of the day, look around my home and think why did I bother because it looks just as bad as it did before I started.

When I am looking at these images and wishing my home was like that I always forget, (well not forget but when I am comparing I don’t tend to think about it as I try to be as normal as I can) that I have this disability that stop me being able to completely blitz my home top to bottom and these people don’t.

I think we all need to start being a bit more kinda to ourselves, stop comparing our lives, home and family to the small parts of others peoples lives they show us. It’s not good for anyone to stress themselves out over the posts and images that other people put on their social media accounts because they are only what they want you to see and not real life.

I remember a week or so ago I posted a lovely picture to Instagram of my girls playing so nicely together. That doesn’t happen very often, 2 Minutes after taking the picture they were back to their normal selves arguing about which toy they wanted. Now I posted the really nice picture not a picture of them arguing but them arguing happens more than them playing nicely so I only posted the picture I wanted my followers to see not what was happening in real life.

People don’t want to share that they are having a crap day/week, they don’t want to share if they are struggling with anything, they don’t want to share if they have failed at something.

On social media, you will only see what people want you to see.

Our 6am club

Leading up to my childrens last school half term I had noticed my mornings had become more manic and really unorganised. we were losing thing, shouting at each other and only just getting out the door on time.

I had two weeks of the children being off school to really think about what was going wrong and what had changed. Why had out morning become so hectic?

One morning during the holidays I had woken up before the children, made myself a coffee and was sat in our conservatory, listening to the morning birds singing away.

Then it hit me!!!

This is what was missing, I had stopped getting up earlier than the children. I was now hitting snooze and getting up at the same time as them.

Now I’m not a morning person, neither is my middle daughter, so we are classed as the grumpy ones in the morning. my two other children are morning people so when their alarms go off they are up and raring to go. So the mix of two grumpy people and two overly happy people is not good first thing in the morning HOWEVER when I was waking up before the children, I had time to have a coffee on my own and wake up properly meaning by the time the children woke up, I was no longer a grumpy mum. That’s what had been missing and that’s what I needed to fix. I needed to start getting up when my alarm went off at 6am and not hit snooze!

Waking up at 6am is not easy but I was determined I was going to do it. The easiest way to stay motivated with a goal is to tell other people about it and get them involved with it.

The day the children went back to school I posted the below image on Instagram.Screenshot_20190502-192453_Instagram.jpg

Within a few hours I had about four people comment and message me saying,

Count me in!

So that’s how it all started and now we have our little 6am club! We tag each other in our first morning cups of tea or coffee and have a morning chat to each other. we don’t always make it up at 6am and the times on the pictures are obviously after we have got up, sorted and made it downstairs to make a brew. I will add some Pictures that I have been tagged in as well as the ladies Instagram tags to go with it.



These are the ladies that are in the 6am club on Instrgram







Having other people do this mission with me has really given me the motivation to get my bum into gear and get out of bed in the mornings. I don’t always make it up for 6am but I’m getting pretty good at getting up before 6.30am, I’m hoping the longer I keep getting up by 6.30am my body will get used to it and it will become easier and easier to get out of bed!

If you would like to join our 6am mission, leave me a message on my Instagram account @cleaning_mumma~_of_3 and I will tag you in tomorrow mornings pic.

Suffering for a day out with my children.


When you suffer with chronic pain, you can’t pick and choose when is the best time to hurt the most. It is there all the time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Now being a parent with chronic pain is whole different ball game because you can’t rest when your body tells you to, You can’t hide away in your bedroom hoping soon the pain will go away. You have little humans that are relying on you, they need you to be around.

Parenting with chronic pain

For some chronic pain parents that means trying to live a normal life as much as possible but for others they can’t, maybe they are bed bound or can only make it down the stairs to the living room, they still spend time with their children doing activities like reading, colouring, watching a film together. HOWEVER there is always that GUILT that you should be doing more, should be doing a better job as their parent.


Our day out!

This weekend we took our children to a big funfair, It was a great day, the children loved it. It was so nice to be able to get out the house and treat my children to something like that. My cheeks were aching by the end of the day from smiling so much. We got there around 10.30am and we didn’t leave until 3pm. I had to take all my medication with me because I knew I would be needing them throughout the day.

That’s not when I get the worst pain, I suffer for that one day out with my children for a minimum of 24 hours after.

I always tell myself, the pain I will be in will be so worth it and it really is, I love taking my children out for the day and really spending some quality time together and having fun. It makes me forget about my leg ulcers, It makes me forget about my condition but as the day starts coming to an end that’s when I suddenly remember what’s coming next. That is when I need to start thinking about how I am going to handle the next 24 hours.

I have an amazing nurse I see every week and a while back we came up with a plan that I stick to when I am suffering from taking the children out, kind of like an emergency plan.

I have an emergency box that I keep in my bedside table, It has everything that I will need to help me. It has got a small amount of all my medication and it’s always stocked up so if I need to take extra or I run out I know I will always have some emergency medication there. It also has…

  • Microwave lavender bag
  • Colouring book
  • Pens
  • Phone & kindle charger
  • Kindle
  • Chocolate (Normally smarties or choc m&ms)

( I will go into more detail about my emergency box in a later post)

My children know when we go out for a day like that, the next day I’m not going to be able to do much, I have a great husband that is always there to help especially when I’m having a bad day.

So the next day I bring out my emergency box, curl up on the sofa watch some films with the kids and just spend the day resting. I try and hide my pain as much as I can when the children are around but sometimes they can see straight through me.

The worst pain is always at night, I can guaranty I won’t be sleeping that night. When your brain and body are tired, the pain seems to get worse some how. Also when everyone else has gone to bed and I’m downstairs on my own, there is nothing but whats in my emergency box to keep me distracted but there is only so much reading and so much colouring you can do before getting bored.

But it is so worth it!

I will carry on suffering and taking my children for days out when I can, I will not let this condition or the leg ulcers turn me into a victim. I will not let it take everything away from my life!

My children are my everything, they are the reason I get up in the mornings. I will not let them have their childhood taken away because I have been diagnosed with this condition!

I would love to hear from anyone that lives with a chronic illness or anyone that cares for someone with a chronic illness. I think by supporting each other great things can happen and I would love to offer my support to everyone. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Drop me a message and I will always reply.

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Finally I know! Leg ulcer diagnosed.

I’ve had leg ulcers for five years with little to no improvement, over the years they have just got bigger and bigger. I Started with one small ulcer which grew rapidly over the next year. Once it got to a certain size it stopped growing and stayed that size for three years. I then developed a smaller ulcer on the inside of my foot, this also grew bigger but only slightly, again it stopped and stayed that size for around a year. Last Christmas I had to have another biopsy done, for some reason this made both leg ulcers start to grow again. Within 6 months the leg ulcers had grown so much they had now connected and had become one huge ulcer wrapping all the way the back of my leg.

Over the years I have been referred to so many different specialist from Tissue viability nurses, dermatologist to plastic surgeons. I’ve had scan after scan, test after test with everyone coming up with the same answer.


Last month I saw the Tissue viability nurse again and she quickly referred back to the dermatologist and I finally had my appointment last week.



I hadn’t seen this doctor before so I was hoping he could tell me something new, I wasn’t expecting anything big maybe just a change of dressings to try. Well this appointment turned into the best appointment I’ve had In five years. I was with the doctor for a total of 20/30 Minutes answering all his questions while he looked at my ulcers. He told me I had a mild case of IBS and what tablets I needed to take for it, he also put me on a 6 week course of Steroids and then told me something I have been longing to hear for so long.


Within seconds I burst into tears, the relief I felt was so overwhelming I couldn’t stop myself. After the initial relief of finding out what was actually wrong with me, the anger started to build up.

A year into having these leg ulcers, I did some major detective work and researched many types of illness linked to leg ulcers and Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) was mentioned many times. When I mentioned it to the different specialists they would either say they didn’t know about the illness or I was completely wrong and pretty much didn’t know what I was talking about.

It made me so angry to think, if the specialist had listened to me four years ago, I could have been treated and healed all that time ago instead of having the worst five years of my life!


Not knowing what was wrong with me was one of the biggest things that weighed me down the most. The fear of not knowing played on my mind all the time. Now I actually have been diagnosed I can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s going to be a long, slow process but there is now a good chance for me to heal and get my life back again.

Pyoderma Ganagrenosum is a rare skin condition and not many people know about it so I will be writing many more post taking you along with me on this journey where I will be learning more about the illness and blogging about my healing journey.

If you have any questions or even any information about PG, I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a message below or you can contact me on Facebook, Instagram and twitter. (My Instagram tag will soon be changing to Limping mum)

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My CBD mission

CBD oil is well-known for its medicinal benefits, a lot of chronic pain sufferers use CBD oil to help with pain, however it has so many other health benefits.


I first started using CBD oil about a year ago, in the form of tincture drops. You drop a certain amount under your tongue and wait a few minutes before swallowing. I used them for a few months and found it really helped with my pain and anxiety. Since then I have tried a few other ways of taking the CBD oil. I’ve also tried a spray which is taken the same way as the drops.

Recently I’ve been using is a CBD vape juice, I have it in the flavour of pink lemonade. With the CBD vape I can control how much CBD is going into my body, it taste SO much better than the other two and I can still be social as no-one knows I have the CBD oil in my vape device.

These are the only CBD product I have tried, vaping is the better method out of the three but I know there are other products around that could be better.

I have set myself a CBD MISSIONcannabis-oil-3368730_640

I want to look into all the different UK CBD companies and find out more about their products and try the other products that are on offer.

I want to find the right product that fits in with my life and also has the best effect on my health. I would love to collaborate with some of these companies I get in contact with. Every new item I try I will write a review and let you know my honest opinion.

I would love to hear from anyone that has or is taking CBD oil. If you could recommend a good company to contact It would be great if you could sent me a message.

You can connect with me either on Instagram, Facebook or leave a comment below.

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